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Northwestern University Mccormick School of Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

29th International Conference on Scientific and Statistical Database Management

June 27 - June 29, 2017, Chicago, Illinois, USA


Event Coordinators

General Chair: Alok Choudhary
Program Committee Chair: K. John Wu
Demos Chair: Florin Rusu
Local Arrangement Chair: Goce Trajcevski
Logistics Chair: Arie Shoshani
Publications Chair: Bin Dong
Web Chair: Bing Zhang
Program Committee

Keynote Speakers

Lucy Nowell, Computer Scientist and Program Manager, Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR), the Department of Energy Office of Science

Dr. Lucy Nowell is a computer scientist and program manager in the Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research (ASCR) within the Department of Energy's Office of Science. She manages a broad spectrum of ASCR-funded computer science research, with emphasis on scientific data management, analysis and visualization. Previously she served as a Program Director in the Office of Cyberinfrastructure at the National Science Foundation and as a research Program Manager for the Department of Defense, managing projects related to information analysis and visualization. Formerly a theatrical designer, her own research lies at the intersection of computer science, psychology, and visual art. Her MS and Doctorate in Computer Science are from Virginia Tech. She has a BA and MA in Theatre from the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa and the MFA from the University of New Orleans.

Rob Ross, Argonne National Laboratory, Senior Scientist, Interim Director of MCS

Rob Ross is a senior fellow in the Northwestern-Argonne Institute for Science and Engineering and in the University of Chicago/Argonne Computation Institute. He is also an adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Clemson University.

Rob received his Ph.D. in computer engineering from Clemson University in 2000. He currently holds several leadership positions at Argonne and in the U.S. DOE computing community, including serving as deputy director of the Scientific Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization Institute, and he co-led development of initial plans for the Data Management component of the DOE Office of Science Exascale Computing activity.


Conference Topics

Call for Papers

SSDBM 2017 will have a focus on high-performance data analysis tools and techniques for large data sets, with a special emphasis on streaming data coming out of large experimental and observational devices.

Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to, the following, as they relate to scientific and statistical data management: